Black & White

For those who know me, I collect perfume for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, despite the fact that I rarely ever actually wear the scents – I mostly collect them for the sophisticated packaging. Recently, the Elizabeth and James chic duo has caught my eye.

Sexiness in a Sample

Sexiness in a Sample

After recently viewing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s interview on Ellen, and Estée from essiebutton‘s excitement over Fleurdeforce’s Elizabeth and James ‘intoxicating scent’, I was so curious to the point that I was ready to drive myself to Sephora just to get a whiff at the hype. Luckily, I found a sample of the perfume duo that came with my recent Sephora splurge.

I have to admit, as excited as I was, I was very skeptical and hesitant to expose myself to the scent, as I tend to find celebrity involved scents to lack classiness and smell rather cheap. Much to my surprise, both scents were delightfully pleasant. Mary-Kate and Ashley wanted their signature fragrance for their line to embody their partnership and the brand, and they did just that. Though both scents are as different as night and day, the timeless sophistication makes them undeniably connected.

Nirvana White was my first whiff, and the scent is definitely intoxicatingly gorgeous, definitely made for the spring/winter season. It has a very soft, subtle yet distinct floral scent that neither smells too elderly nor too girly. The beautiful blend of peony and lilly of the valley notes almost reminds me of one of my cult favorites, Chloé.

Nirvana Black is a different story. It has a very feminine and woody scent, which reminds me of a vintage, sexy film noir, and very Audrey Hepburn. It is definitely too sophisticated for me, but I can see myself dabbling with this scent when I’m older and going to a fancy night out.

Both liquid goodness’ are housed in the chic-est of packaging would make a beautiful addition to my collection. Dressed in an edgy texture of the simplest of colors, the gold detailing on the sides definitely make a statement. Which one do you prefer? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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