Whenever I lose the nasal congestion game, I always re-discover my appreciation of being blessed with life. Not to be overly dramatic, but losing my sense of smell, along with the other four senses, is a very serious condition – I could’ve easily stepped in horse poop and not even know it because for all I know, I smell as heavenly as Chloé or Philosophy’s Amazing Grace (my current favorite daily scents).

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

As I am gradually overcoming my allergies, I reorganized my room and found some fancy Diptyque candles I received from my aunt Last Christmas. I’m not a candle person, but candles are definitely one of my favorite accents for room decor. They are so simple, yet exquisite enough to make my nightstand and bathroom look and smell extra luxurious – not that I could smell very well.

I also love that their candles can double as a lovely makeup holder or a cute flower vase, (or even a shot glass?) once they finish burning. I don’t prefer to light candles, as I have always felt the burnt tip and half-used look takes away the classy look. However, I am feeling inspired to finish burning my candles so I can reuse the candle containers for redecorating, and take cool pictures like the one on the left, this, this, and thisPinterest obsessed much? Guilty. I definitely smell a future post on organizing make-up and trinklets when I empty my Diptyques!

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